Making the Simple Complex

By making the simple complex, the financial world sounds intelligent and makes you feel stupid 
when it comes to money. When you feel stupid, it is easier to take your money. 

The big questions today are: Can the U.S. taxpayer afford the trillions of dollars going to bailout the rich? And what is the future of the U.S. dollar?

The advice Buckminster Fuller received from his friend in the Morgan family, "The first law of  success is, 'Never make things simple when you can make them complicated'" And that is what the financial world does. 

It takes the simple, and makes it complex.


The Prussian System

He brought to my attention that our current system of education comes from the Prussian System, a system designed to create good employees and soldiers, people who blindly follow orders, waiting to be told what to do, including what to do with their money.

Compliant and obedient students become employees who are content to work for the rich or become soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect the wealth of the rich.

It is the lack of financial education that has so many highly educated people worried about today's global financial crisis.

There are millions of people who have lost their retirement savings following the advice of financial salespeople.

Too many people's eyes glaze over when they're forced to talk about their finances.


Millionaire Mind Intensive in Turbulence Times

If you're prepared for difficult economic times, and have the right tools, there is no reason to worry about your financial future. 

History has shown it is possible not only to survive but to prosper in these times.

During the great depression, huge fortunes were made by many. The KennedyRothschild and Rockefeller families all dramatically increased their fortunes throughout the great depression. 

But it wasn't just the rich who got richer - many ordinary citizens found a way to not only to survive but thrive during a poor economy.

Millionaire Mind Intensive in Turbulence Times T. Harv Eker will show you how to:

  1. Create Your own personal economy that thrives at all times
  2. Focus on making a fortune while others are focused on fear
  3. Learn what to do and which strategies to use right now
  4. See how the worse it gets, the better you can do now and in the future


Biggest Lie About Money

If you're not interested in money, why do you accept a paycheck? Why do you often says, "I'm not paid what I'm worth?",Why do you look forward to a pay raise?

Exchanging Freedom for Money

If people do not learn about money, they can end up exchanging their freedom for a paycheck - for a steady job and enough money to pay their bills.

Some people spend their lives in constant fear of being fired.

That is why for millions of well-educated workers, job security is more important than financial freedom. 


Too much debt and not enough cash

Nixon created a way for the U.S. to print its way out of debt.

The boom continued as long as the world accepted our funny money, money backed by nothing but a promise by U.S. taxpayers to pay the bills of the United States.

Blinded by greed and easy credit, however, many people either didn't see or ignored the dire warning signs such a system created.

Too much debt and not enough cash. 

As the financial crisis spread, millions of people lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, their college funds, and their retirements.

Those who so far have not lost anything are afraid they might be next.


Good Thing About Barter Trade

One good thing about barter is that it is hard for the government to tax barter transactions. The tax department does not accept chickens.

Paper money was "national", but gold was "international", accepted as money.

Fiat Money

Technically, prior to 1971, the U.S. dollar was a "derivative of gold".

After 1971, the U.S. dollar became a "derivative of debt".

Severing the dollar from gold was bank robbery of ungodly proportions.

Fiat money is simply money backed by government's good faith and credit.

If anyone messes with the government's and central bank's monopoly on money, the government has the power to put that group or person in jail for fraud and counterfeiting.


Differential in Speed

Today, the banks are robbing us of our wealth right under our noses, a hidden theft that is only exposed once you have the knowledge to know what to look for.

Today, one reason why we have people making billions and others still working for $7 an hour is caused by a differential in speed.

Today, the faster a person can transact business, the more money he or she will make.

For example, a typical medical doctor can see one patient at a time.

A high school kid with a global Web business, transacting business to unlimited customer 24/7, can potentially earn much, much more than a medical doctor.

The difference, is that one type of work is metaphysical (Web business) and the other is physical (medical doctor).

One type of work creates wealth exponentially; the other creates wealth linearly.


Cash Flow, Capital Gain, Net Worth...

The reason why 90 percent of people lost money when the real estate and stock markets began crashing in 2007 is because instead of playing the game of cash flow, they played the game of capital gains.

People who play the game of capital gains are often hoping the price of their home will go up or that the stock market will go up.

However, someone who invests for cash flow does not really care if the market or the price of a house goes up or down.

The money my investments bring in every month is true wealth - not some perceived notion of value that may or may not be true.

Invest for cash flow, and you'll never worry about money.

Invest for cash flow, and you will not be wiped out in boom and buse markets.

Invest for cash flow, and you'll be a rich man.

------ ------

Net worth is often measured by capital gains.

For example, if you buy a house for $1 million, technically that is part of your net worth, but if you cannot sell it for $1 million and instead have to sell it for $500,000 and your loan is for $700,000, your net worth is worthless.


My Suggestion VS Financial Fairy Tales

The conspirators need your cash flowing to them.

That is why they train their sales people such as financial planners and stockbrokers to say things like the stock market goes up 8 percent per year. They use the lure of capital gains to draw your cash flow into their pockets.

Real estate agents use a similar sales pitch.

They often say, "You'd better buy now before prices go up." The idea of buying before prices going up is buying on the expectation of capital gains. Again the salesperson uses the lure of capital gains to get your cash flow.

That's the game.

The moment you sign that mortgage, cash flows from you to them.

... And you stay in the rat race.

The good news is that it does not cost much to teach kids the vocabulary of money; no massive increase in educational funding is necessary - just some common sense.

My Suggestion ?

1. Create Multiple Passive Income Streams (Create Values)
2. Time Freedom -> Geographical Freedom -> Financial Freedom
3. Contribution (Giving back / CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility)
4. Live Happily Ever After

Some reference:

What is and How to create Multiple Passive Income Streams

Financial Fairy Tales

Automated Internet Business



Monopoly is not a game about flipping. Monopoly is not a game about buying low and selling high. It is not about diversification.

Monopoly is about focus, planning, patience, and long-term control.

The first objective is to improve the properties on the side you control, adding green houses and eventually a red hotel.

The ultimate investment strategy is to have only red hotels on your side of the board. Then you sit and wait as the other players round the corner hoping not to land on one of your properties.

The final objective is to bankrupt the other players and take all their money.

In 2009, many people are going bankrupt in the real game of Monopoly.


Knowledge is the new money

Fairytales of Money

1. Go to school
2. Get a job
3. Work hard
4. Save money
5. Your house is an asset and your biggest investment
6. Live below your means
7. Get out of debt
8. Invest for the long term in a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
9. Retire, and the government will support you.
10. Live happily ever after

The Stock Market Crashed

When the stock market began to crash in 2007, that meant cash was flowing out of the market to other assets.

As the market crashed, it's a safe bet that 90 percent of investors lost money because they were too slow in moving it.

They were slow because they were told the financial fairytale about investing for the long term in a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds.

The 10 percent who don't believe in financial fairytales, however, had already moved their money to safer harbors such as gold, which rose briskly as the market crashed.

As cash flowed out of the stock market, mutual fund investors lost and gold investors won.

The same thing happened in real estate when the housing bubble burst and cash flowed out, leaving homeowners with lower valued homes.

The name of the game ? Cash Flow.

Knowledge is the new money

Job security is very important for most people because they have little control over their outgoing cash flow.

That is why so many financial pundits advise,"Cut up your credit cards and live below your means."

This is financial advice for the 90 percent who need to control outgoing cash flow to the 10 percent - the 10 percent who know how to have cash flowing in even when they are not working.


Business at High Speed

By knowing a little about history, the present will become clearer, and you will be better able to see the future.

Television networks are losing advertisers - many of which are leaving for the web.

Today, people can sit at their desk and visit with people all over the world via the Internet.

China is now asking that the U.S. dollar no longer be the reserve currency of the world. If that happens, America is toast.

No matter how many times I see poverty, it never fails to make me pause and wonder how to solve this issue.


were financially free and in position to make tremendous profits as the next bull market took off...

Just as explorers like Columbus opened the world to new wealth, the Internet is opening even larger worlds of wealth to today's explorers.

The world of the Internet is invisible, and we have to see it with our minds.

And that is why people are being left behind.

They cannot see the changes that are remaking their world. In their blindness, they are becoming obsolete.

Millions of people are unemployed because their skill set is no longer needed.

They are obsolete.

Business at High Speed

Today, I get more business done sitting in my office and using the web to reach more people in less time, and with less energy.

I chose to become an entrepreneur. Today, I'm reaping the benefits of that choice.

90% mental vs 90% physical rate of transaction speed

5 days a week and get paid by month

24/7, 365 days a year, get paid by the minute.

Accelerating acceleration - I am working hard staying ahead of the accelerating economy.


The Trait of Adaptability

The change in economic climate has dawned upon us, what can you do to adapt and use it to your advantage?

To address the current economic situation and to face it with courage and optimism, one must embrace change the happiest and most successful people all share a critical characteristic - the trait of adaptability.

Which means they have the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and circumstances.

The idea then is to go with flow and not only accept change, but embrace it as an opportunity to expand yourself and your life.

Therefore, utilize every change as an opportunity.

Whenever change occurs, ask yourself 'How can I use this change to my benefit?'