Mindset and Freedom

Financial freedom is not about amassing millions of dollars to live off of. It is simply having more money coming in every month in cash flow from your investments, or your business, than is going out in living expenses.

For example, Robert (Kim’s husband) and I retired in 1994, but we didn’t have a lot of money. What we had was $10,000 per month coming in from our investments, primarily real estate at that time. We had $10,000 coming in every month, but our living expenses were only $3,000, so at that point, we were financially-free. And then from there, we grew it and grew it and grew it.

Financial Freedom = Income > Expenses, FOREVER

Awareness = Success 

Be aware of self-defeating messages inside your head and replace them with positive, self-affirming messages. ~ Secret

The reason a lot of people don’t believe in their self worth is because they’ve been programmed to believe that. They’ve been programmed to believe that they’re not worth much. They’ve been programmed to believe that they have to stay mediocre all their lives. They’ve been programmed to believe that they can’t buy the big house or the Ferrari because someone else said so. Once a person lives with a certain belief, they are going to operate on those beliefs. In other words, they are going to take action based on those beliefs that they have. But the good news is:

Our actions can dramatically change if our beliefs dramatically change too. All there is to change is beliefs. Think about it.

Instead of continuously listening to the people who have got you mediocre results today, choose to listen to a different type of person. Listen to and learn from successful people who are producing better results than you.

Remember the two powerful words - "can't" which stop most people to think and act further, and "easy" which makes most businesses came out with products or services that makes people's life better.

Check out the tag printed on the cover of Kwong Yik Bank's Savings Passbook: If you try hard enough, you can be whatever you want to be!

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