Smart City Vienna - Road to Digitization

The Smart City Vienna strategy takes into consideration multiple fields that need to be transformed, such as energy, mobility, real estate and others.


Every single aspect of the strategy has well-defined target objectives in order to provide transparency and a sense of urgency. In total, 38 target objectives are set out until 2050, while different milestones are to be met by 2025, 2030 and 2050.


Blockchain is a key factor in realizing these goals. As such, it has been applied to different use cases that pertain to the strategy in one way or another.

One of them is the notarization of Open Government Data (OGD) — to facilitate the use of food stamps by local government employees.

Electric supplier Wien Energie, which is run by the city administration, has also been exploring the use of blockchain technology for quite a while now, trying to make distribution along its grids more efficient.

Last but not least, Vienna is setting up a blockchain-based token that is part of an incentive driven initiative, rewarding citizens for “good behavior.”


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Bosh and Blockchain

The press release notes that Bosch is currently worth with energy supplier EnBW to integrate blockchain into the e-car recharging process, as well as with Siemens to develop a smart parking-management system with a blockchain basis.

A car that negotiates with charging stations
A car that pays its own parking fees

Long Term Stock Exchange, LTSE

Jeff Bezos — the wealthiest man on earth, whose fortune is worth in excess of $100 billion — reportedly invested $3 million in Uber in 2011. The stake he bought then is reportedly worth about $400 million, as of Uber’s initial public offering (IPO) on May 10, 2019. If it were possible for a middle-income investor to invest $10,000 in the ride-hailing company at the same time as Bezos, their stake could now be over $1.3 million. But a stack of regulations makes it difficult for the average middle-income investor to participate at that level.

near-term mindedness of the stock market.

some short-term oriented funds could be out of Lyft’s stock as fast as by the end of the first day of trading.

early stage, sizeable long-term growth potential.

Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), which recently got approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a new stock exchange, could soon make it possible for companies to also raise funds through traditional means. This means attracting the sort of committed, in-for-the-long-haul investors that we’ve seen in the crypto space — but through widely acceptable investment tools.

LTSE, building on an already mature stock market, could become a viable alternative for both for blockchain-related and nonblockchain companies that may have been looking to leverage the security token market to raise funds from patient investors.

What problem is LTSE trying to solve?

to encourage long-termism

To potentially force market participants to adopt a longer-term view, LTSE is building a structure that would encourage growing companies to attract and reward long-term, patient capital in the public market. The stock exchange believes its own approach will help build more sustainable companies.

to adopt a set of corporate governance principles that foster long-term thinking — both for the company and for the shareholders. It has developed a set of listing standards toward that vision.

since LTSE says it’s open to working with companies in every industry, coupled with the fact that some of its backers are pro-crypto, there could be a slew of opportunities for mutual growth.

Having a stock exchange on which crypto companies could list may level out the playing field between the crypto and other industries.

This can also provide additional ammunition in the ongoing discussions on how to get traditional market players involved in the crypto sphere.

So far, firms such as Bakkt and ErisX are leading the way — and if crypto firms obtain listings on LTSE, this will further promote the cause.





巴黎罗浮宫的玻璃金字塔,可说是贝聿铭 (I.M.Pei) 最著名的作品,亦曾是其最大争议之作。这个已成巴黎地标之一的玻璃金字塔,建造之初因为太前卫,曾遭逾90%巴黎市民反对,要求撤销工程。



Transformational Leadership in Digital Era

Date: 16th May 2019, 11am-1pm
Venue: Blockchain Academy Asia, Cyberjaya

Leadership Notes by Dr SOAR

1) Where are we now?

2) Vision
- Where we want to go?
- What we want to become?

3) Mission
- What we want to give
- What we want to do


1. Where are we now
2. Where do we want to go
3. Why go there
4. How do we get there
5. Who is going to do what, where, when, with whom and using what?
 - Money
 - Manpower (human capital)
 - Methodology
 - Machinery (hardware)
 - Moments (time)
6. How are we doing
 - evaluation, assessment - strategic intervention

Best use of resources, where the blueprint is

Life is a journey of imperfect actions
Improvise, start with whatever you have.

Mission is why you exist, what are you giving.

1. Initiate
2. Plan (Blueprint)
3. Action (Execution)
4. KPI (Evaluation)   - Back to 2 for Re-strategize where needed
5. Closing

Provide That Platform

6Es of Human Capital (EMPOWERMENT)

 - capacity building , competency
 - thinking skills - 1. Critical, 2. Creative, 3. Innovative, 4. Strategic
Experience - opportunities to experience
Energy -
Excitement - gives you energy
Empathy (caring)

Mark  Twain quote:
Good decisions
Bad decisions

An entrepreneur cannot be someone who play safe. Take calculated risks.

Sustainability, when you build it, build it to last.

There is no such thing as technopreneur without the transformation of mindset and business processes,

Human Capital Development.

If  you want to wait,, you become a waiter.

Optimal Structure.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
1. Proactive
2. Begin with the end in mind
3. First thing first, DO
4. Win-Win
5. Synergy
6. Leadership - seek to understand before you want to be understood.
7. Lifelong learning - sharpen the saw. Be a good listener, learn from anybody.

12th May, 2019

Part of Saturday night's work. Preparing a presentation deck for a friend. #Leadership


Positioning and Branding

The ability to put things into perspective is important, so are the vocabulary and matching the right words to the right condition.


Tokenizing Real Estates - Barclays and RBS

from a perspective of how to decentralize access to liquidity and to facilitate a more popular participation in real estate markets and development projects.

There will be better rates for developers and lower entry barriers to build bigger projects, and for less. There’ll be easier paths for rent to own, and for people to have ownership in the properties and building complexes they actually live in — they can have ownership of the complex, and it can be partly awarded for cleanliness and on-time payments.

increasing the potential for revitalizing depressed areas.

from fractional tokenized ownership of properties to futuristic startup societies with decentralized governance.

a multi-ownership format which will become a reality with real estate e-registrests on the blockchain than paper contracts.

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What can we learn from Malta, Blockchain Island

MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) MDIA (Malta Digital Innovation Authority) The interest in what Malta is offering for the flourishing of the blockchain industry was quite overwhelming, with the MFSA receiving over 350 notifications from companies that operate in this sector. 1) VFA (Virtual Financial Assets) agents 2) System auditors 3) Bridging between both authorities — i.e., the MFSA and the MDIA - to ensuring the best practices possible for - market integrity, - financial stability, and - consumer protection. To incept the prestige among companies that acquire a Maltese license. A very good sharing by Silvio Schembri, Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta Read the full article at: https://cointelegraph.com/news/a-landmark-for-the-blockchain-island Guidance Note to The Financial Instrument Test can be found here.