How do you define money?

How do you define money?

We all use money in our daily life. But, do we really understand how money was created and how does the whole financial system works?

For most of the people, it is just part of the life and as long as it is functioning as it supposed to be, who cares?

What is money?
How does it work?

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After handling a few book editing and publishing projects, I think it is time for me to come out with my own book. First step, to update my personal profile.

Koh How Tze

Koh How Tze, an entrepreneur with a Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) from UTM, Skudai, Malaysia, had been serving clients from retail and servicing industry since the dinosaur age of the internet. He started his career as a programmer working on Web Based Retail Management System, during an era where people are still using dial-up connections with 56k modem (the fastest that time) to go “online”. He witnesses how the ICT industry and the internet grew from DOS based system to the modern days’ mobile system, to what it is today.

Serving clients from start-ups to MNC throughout his 20 years career path (since 1997), he understands clearly the in and outs of web-based systems, which he advises, consults and integrates for many of his clients. One of the most successful implementation was a retail chain who grew their businesses from 13 outlets to current public listed status with more than 200 outlets across the nation. This is one of the earliest web-based retail management systems in the market, running on open source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. Another system development and implementation using similar framework were for a coach company, with hundreds of tickets issued daily through an online ticketing system. Many can be added but to cut a long story short, they are all customised software solutions.

From ICT system development and integration, he went into consultation and currently moved into the digital media landscape. He is betting the future on this sunrise industry with strong confidence in Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage and multi-ethnics resources.

He is currently a digital media strategist, specialized in transmedia content marketing.

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