Making The Most Out of Internet Business

for log purpose (in random order):

1. Corporate Online System: google.com/a
You can charge for servicing and consultations

2. Online Meeting / Classroom System: gotomeeting.com

3. Adsense Optimization
How to Optimize My Adsense (Part 1)
How to Optimize My Adsense (Part 2)

If you got time, you can refresh your knowledge starting from: Why Make Money Through Adsense?

4. Plumbing Prospects - Online Campaign
Jewelry + Home Product, your initial cost is 5,000 for system setup (I have the appropriate person to setup from those handling winFreeGPS.com), the rest FB activities and updates will be your "part time job". Closed 3 x such similar projects and they will bring you some 6k/mth in income (another good income stream).

5. Campaign Theme suggestions:
Jewelry: Most Romantic Couple / Best Looking Groom & Bride etc
anything related to more people in the photos to get more words out per image.
Home Products: Best Interior Design with EEkia Products
showcase of successful business products implementation / profile to create word of mouth effect and branding purpose
Example: Best Business Challenge Testimonials

6. YOUR Corporate Image
The company I mentioned for your reference: http://wsatp.com/
You don't need to have fancy tech stuff on your website. LV is different because the target is consumer / end users.
Business / corporate site, the most important is the PROFESSIONALISM feel, and STRAIGHT TO THE POINT content, because most of the time, time is valuable to your business client's decision maker.
Profile example: http://wsatp.com/web-development.html

7. One Stone Many Birds Mindset
For example, I occasionally will put my email content to my blogspot as notes for future reference, with some modification on the name and content (for public exposure). The content of this mail I put here in this post.
Another real world example is : Increase Profit and Revenue Streams with Digital Content


Happy Money Making. All the best!


Affordable Homes and Commercial Units Snapped Up Speed

2 info that are totally on 180 degrees. One is about the price and income of home buyers, another is about the sales of commercial property.

Until and unless there is a stronger shift in the consciousness of the government and the private sector for suitable housing catered to the purse strings of our average urban citizen, the reality of the market will show little sign of prices being finally stopped from spiralling out of control. ~ Himanshu Bhatt

Affordable homes for Malaysians

Based on the accepted guidlines for housing affordability, the housing cost should not exceed 30% of the household's gross income. What this equates to is a large portion of Malaysian only being able to afford homes between RM70,000 and RM150,000.

However, the reality of Malaysia's property market is a far cry from this. The homes offered to these buyers, especially in urban areas, are priced mostly between RM450,000 and RM700,000.

The Sun, Urban Lifestyle, page S8, Friday, April 29, 2011.

Mah Sing's Star Avenue Shop Offices sold out in one weekend

Mah Sing Group Berhad registered sales of RM242.5million during the launch of Phase1&2 of Star Avenue@D’sara in Sungai Buloh over the weekend. The launch attracted more than 800 prospective buyers and all 92 units of the three storey shop offices averagely priced from RM2.6million were snapped up.



A Look At Rewards Redemption Points

A comparison of redemption points between blue B card and platinum C card.


B Card (Points)

C Card (Points)

KFC / Pizza Hut RM 50 Voucher



Nando RM 40 Voucher



Haagan Dazs RM 50 Voucher


Coffee Bean RM 50 Voucher



Tai Thong RM 50 Voucher



TGV 2 pcs


The redemption of vouchers for groceries purchase may give you some "phantom" or "additional" cash flow.

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History and Politics

3 related articles about politics and history teaching in the school system.

What good will our children produce if they score well under such silly-burst (sorry I don't know how to spell syllabus correctly - I guess)? At the end of the day, all one is asking for is due recognition for everyone who had done their bit for this land that we all call home.

A hilly island
~ Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz

Many historical links between our northern states and Siam are glossed over in the current history books, with only fleeting references to the bunga mas sent by Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu to the King of Siam that has been variously described as “tribute from a vassal to an overlord” to “a fee for outsourced military protection”.

So you see, politics does not only invent or distort history; it often leaves massive chunks out of it altogether.

Our duty to voice valid concerns
I for one may be unhappy about certain things in this country but will defend it aggressively abroad when foreigners and even fellow Malaysians disparage our homeland...Just because one has issues with the ruling party does not mean that they should dislike the country...When politics and social engineering creep into the school system, we all have a responsibility to voice our concerns and opinions. At the end of the day, what these attempts are aimed at is to further drive a wedge between the main communities which have been living comfortably side by side for over a century.

When top leaders headed by the prime minister himself have worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the various ethnic communities, why are there those trying so hard to throw a spanner in the works? These are the real anti-national elements.

These are the subversive components we have in our midst that are trying to divide and conquer. Afraid of their own shadow and a fallacy that there are those out there waiting to rob them of what is rightfully theirs. If there are such elements, irrespective of ethnicity and background, then their efforts must be thwarted immediately. At the same time we have to ensure that our children are not being made pawns of in the political games of some people as it will have far reaching consequences – long after we are gone. Our spirits then will never rest in peace when future generations curse us for the legacy of doom that we had left them.

Tell the whole story, please
~ Terence says “Tell the truth and shame the devil”.

All of them were concerned that the teaching of history was skewed towards the political expedience and superiority of a section of the community at the expense of the others. That the contributions and sacrifices of the minority communities were downplayed, glossed over or omitted left everyone feeling bitter.

I was asked to respond to Ranjit’s presentation. My take was simple: In other countries, they covered up negative aspects of their history such as Japan’s scant mention of World War II atrocities.

However in Malaysia, the positive aspects of our past are also blanketed in favour of a political agenda that in the long run is counter-productive to nation building.

These include the fact that the founder of Malacca Parameswara had died a Hindu, and that the sacrifices of the Indian, Gurkha, British and Australian troops in World War II were minimal.

He had also revealed that over the last decade that the third Kapitan Cina Yap Ah Loy had been gradually reduced from “Mr Kuala Lumpur” to “among those responsible for Kuala Lumpur’s development”.


Updated on 12 May, 2011:

Historians and integrity
by Assoc Prof Dr Sivachandralingam Sundara Raja
Department of History
University of Malaya

Historians must adhere to their own rules of fairness, reason and logic while constructing stories about the human past. In addition, they must support their claims with actual evidence as the basis for plausible and valid inferences. When all this is complied, it will fulfil the requirements of objectivity.

Any attempt to cultivate patriotism through historical events means we are not teaching history but merely being propagandist. If patriotism is the ultimate aim, it will lead to value judgments in the narratives and affect evaluation of the facts. If special facts are chosen to instil patriotism, the chances of skewing the story in one way or another are enhanced even more.

If the learned professors in the committee were to subscribe to the term of reference outlined by the ministry, the history syllabus shaped would be like what Voltaire, the French philosopher and historian, has to say about history. To him, "history is a pack of tricks we play on the dead".





问题的本质, 看一看郎咸平教授的见解:








Fads are all the same

Fads (an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived; a craze) are all the same, whether they cause people to buy or to sell, they never last.

When the panic bubble bursts, and investors re-awaken (as they always do), the smartest and wisest are the first to start buying again.

BP went from over $60 to $27 in the weeks following the spill in the Gulf... Within six weeks,
half of those losses were recovered.

Cool-headed investors netted millions.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average went from 14,000 to 6,600 in 2008-2009... Within 12 months, it was back up to 11,000.

Once again, cool-headed investors netted millions — in some cases even billions.

Today, despite record-setting demand, uranium is at year lows. And with the story already five weeks old, the public's attention is shifting...

The waiting is coming to an end.

The smartest and wisest are getting ready to strike again.


Creation of Money without Money

As I believe that everyone should be rich in our country, unlike in Congo where all the diamonds are owned by one person, the purpose of my written experiences is to encourage the young and the old to participate in the art of business, given the will and the motivation. But, it must be remembered that only a small percentage will succeed. ~ Chan Chin Cheung

A better strategy to make money and one that an entrepreneur can exercise better control over involves the age-old concept of coming out with a smart idea, support it with passion, focus and relentless hard work. Access your business model critically so that it can withstand the test of time, change of human tastes and/or regulatory regime. Build the business on sound financial and business footing. Embrace the concept that "There is no free lunch in this world" - make sure the business is "productive" i.e. it produces goods or services that are needed by the society, profits will then follow. ~ Daim Zainuddin

Don't be jealous of tycoons like Tan Chin Tuan, Robert Kuok or the Shaw Brothers. They are people of their time. They are history. You can never catch up with them. Do your own thing and do it well and you will be there!

My tycoon friend from Singapore once told me about his observation of the major cities in the Western hemisphere in the 1960s. He said, "Doc, if you visit these places, the first thing you will notice is that all the large buildings are either owned by the banks or the insurance companies." From this simple observation, he became a tycoon!

In Malaysia, the financial market was beginning to boom. I thought it best to operate in a market where more hands were needed to handle the money which would be in increasing amounts. The workload would be more than the number of participants in the business. There would be something satisfying for willing minds and willing hands.

It is obvious if you want to be filthy rich you cannot be a hairdresser, bookie, masseur or a tradesman like a petrol station owner!

一个大都会的房地产市场,毕竟还是少数者拥有大多数产业,这意味着上市公司、政府附属公司、房地产投资信托基金、组织或机构、外资公司将在未来管理或控制大部分的主要产业。这些少数的单位应该拥有大多数的主要产业,并从中享有巨大的利润。这是政府更应该关注的,并非普通老百姓的投资。~郑水兴,红番茄周报 22/4/2011




Precious Metals Investment Knowledge Base

I spent quite some time studying gold & silver this morning via Google and Youtube. It's interesting to see that how the well informed and financially educated started taking action back in 2007 and how the public/mass market only react within these few weeks (started since CNY where silver is around MYR3,950/kg to today's MYR6,000+/kg)

Now is the time to get educated. Our liberty (freedom) counts.

Ron Paul In "Why Gold & Silver?" Movie

"The one characteristic of a country that debases its currency, and goes to a paper currency - the currency always self destructs, it always ends." - Ron Paul
"It's the biggest scam that has ever been perpetrated, it's amazing that we've gone along with this for close to 100 years." - Mike Maloney

Death Of Dollar Via Gold/Silver Manipulation? (CRASH JP MORGAN!) Mike Maloney
Manipulated is ended because it's exposed by somebody working on it to get it exposed. If it continues to be manipulated until the freemarkets overwhelmed in manipulation, which they always do, there is just no chance they are going to manipulate forever. So just create a bigger opportunity in a longer period of time for people to acquire precious metals in ridicuouly low price. 

You can't have something that the world is running out of that is below the mining cost. That is something that the free markets have to correct. When they lose control, there is a bigger shortage and the price just go higher because there is less for people to buy.

When gold rises, fiat currency looks bad. It comes to a tipping point where confidences are lost towards papers.

$1500 SILVER - Mike Maloney

"This opportunity isn't going to last for long...there are these brief moments that go by, as far as historic time, they go by in the blink of an eye...where the safest place to be, the place where people run to, to protect their financial well being during economic crisis, gold and silver, they have been the safe haven for your finances for 5000 years. And there are these brief moments in history where they simultaneously become the asset class that has the single greatest potential gains in absolute purchasing power...and we're in one of those RIGHT NOW." - Mike Maloney

Ron Paul is interviewed by Michael Maloney of Goldsilver.com
In Feb 2008, they talk about monetary policy, the US constitution, the Federal Reserve.

Silver: Exponential Growth
The reason is that the U.S. has well over 100 million workers, yet the world has about 250 million oz. of silver in known inventories! If 1/10th of an ounce of silver is a day's wage of $100, then an ounce of silver would be $1000/oz. (check out more about Gold Silver Ratio)

USA To Confiscate Gold? - Mike Maloney at Silver Summit Asia (Invest)
During the midst of hyperinflation, a point where gold and silver become lethal to the currency. The wealth transfer has already occured, you've made your gain by then, so it's just a signal to sell.

This is NOT meant as financial advice. Do your research.


Why gold could hit $5,000

It's all about supply and demand.

Data from the Shanghai Gold Exchange show that China's gold imports reached 230 tons in the first 10 months of 2010. But in only the first two months of 2011, industry experts cited by Standard Chartered estimate that imports hit 220 tons. No doubt, Beijing's somewhat weak-handed efforts to fight inflation are contributing to the rise, as people look to protect their burgeoning wealth from the ravages of rising prices.

Even poor peasant farmers in India, if the monsoons are good and the crops are bountiful, will splurge on a grab of gold. These people may not understand the value of interest-rate compounding or portfolio diversification, but they know that gold is an ancient and universally accepted store of value.

Gold, of course, is the traditional hedge against inflation for investors. And right now, the inflation threat continues to grow.

"Real" inflation-adjusted interest rates are negative since inflation is currently running higher than interest rates. The two-year Treasury yield stands at 0.85% while consumer price inflation is running at 2.2%. The negative 1.45% real yield is a sign of extremely cheap cash and bubbling pressure on prices. And it's forcing investors out of cash and into assets that will hold their purchasing power in a negative rate environment -- assets such as gold.



Bazaar Larut Malam

沙登绿野仙踪附近有一片空地,两年来只拿来做泊车用。最近,有人在那片地搞了一个Bazaar Larut Malam,划分了至少500个小摊位租借给小贩们做生意,一个月租金 $450,

450 x 500 = 225,000
225,000 x 12 = 2.7 mil




Properly educated and you'll be making money at different level.

澳洲公寓大王说过,最重要了解钱的流向,你并不需要什么高专业知识。"In this business, you don’t have to be an architect or an engineer or a brick layer, but you have to understand how the money flows." ~
Harry Triguboff Challenges Aussie Dream

3。人际关系/人脉网络 Resources to act

在促成整盘业务时面对种种挑战,你是否会坚持到底?太多时候,区别成功者与失败者的就是他们保持并完成梦想的时间:The length of a single great idea.

与成功者交往, 远比纸上谈兵来得实际。




当帝国过渡扩张力不能及时,财力日渐短拙,则必须玩 10 个瓶子 5 个盖的“杂技”,纸币无法完全兑现商品,通货开始膨胀,此时就进入玩信心的阶段。等到帝国财富已被淘空只剩下一副空架子时,纸币丧失了公信力,恶性通胀发作,此时帝国就只有玩赖皮了。


2008年,发源于美国的全球金融危机,标志着美元进入了第三个阶段--玩赖皮!重要特点是美国要赖账,使用的手段便是逼迫其他国家货币大幅升值,美其名曰“全球经济再平衡”,指责他国“操纵汇率”。(Malaysian Gold Dinar Initiative)




金融大鳄一旦疯狂,其野心和胃口将极度膨胀,使全人类跟着遭殃。银行家们能够以花样百出的“行业黑话”来愚弄世界人民,随心所欲地控制货币发行量,周期性地制造各种各样的泡沫和经济危机,通过货币战争搞垮各国金融,并在全球经济的废墟之上,重新构建由极少数人控制的世界统一货币新体系,最终通过控制世界来奴役全人类。(帝国主义, 粮食危机)


用黄金暴涨来平衡美元负债,将是最后的疯狂之举。注意:美元的结局:有控制的归零 (美元崩溃决不意味着美国崩溃)


Increase Profit and Revenue Streams with Digital Content

Though this is not a one day subject I try to KISS - Keep It Super Simple.

1. I wrote this compiled notes in 2008, during my ground work (base building) trip in 大中华商圈 (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan): http://www.slideshare.net/howtze/how-tze-101-i-thought-you-no-need-to-work

It is about FREEDOM - an important element towards a better world.

2. I found this around 2006, look into it around 2009, truly understand and implement only last year: http://businessclub.my/AutomatedInternetBusiness/. It is one of the best investment I ever found suitable for young people with >=100% ROI / month.

It is about MULTIPLE STREAMS OF PASSIVE INCOME - a proven way towards personal FREEDOM.

3. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, from my point of view, deals mainly with VIRTUAL products / services - no stock concern, and no physical goods involve in the process.

What has all this gotta do with me?

DIGITAL CONTENT (Why - What - How)

(WHY) We are living in Information Age. Imagine an additional product / service stream that:
* delivers over the air
* no stock/physical goods constrain
* borderless (anywhere,anytime)
* no overdue/expiry date (outdated) concern
* no high commitment/overhead (relatively to retailing)
* near 0 duplication/multiplication cost (higher profit margin)
* can be AUTOMATED (runs 24/7, 生意不打烊)

(WHAT) Newsletter/Content Publications (selling/trading of INFO)

(HOW) The Money Is In The LIST.
You ALREADY sitting on a gold mine -> YOUR subscriber LIST.
It may not be a large number, yet it makes A GOOD BASE to start any of the 4 Types of Internet Income Sources

CREATE VALUES to your subscriber/fans. Keep intact. Provide useful information for your subscribers.

For ANY websites or ANY business, your income is limited only by your creativity.


Malaysian Gold Dinar Initiative

The usage of dinar was mooted out by Malaysia's fourth prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.

In 2001, Dr Mahathir mooted the idea of a gold payment system — the gold dinar — to settle bilateral and multilateral trades among countries and thereby eliminates foreign exchange risk. In this mode, gold is to be used as a medium of exchange and as a unit of account instead of the national currencies.

Prices of exports and imports are to be quoted in units of gold weights.

The proposal was to source for an alternative system in the wake of the uncertain economic situation because the conventional system is vulnerable to currency manipulation and speculation.

In his book "The Malaysian Currency Crisis, How and Why it happen" Dr. Mahathir explain that Malaysia is a country with strong economic growth, grew 8% plus annually, politically stable and economically resilient. Its currency was strong and its international debts are within accepted limit. Therefore Malaysia was certainly not a candidate for severe recession.

But yet in July 1997, its currency began to devalue rapidly and its stock market plunged to extremely low levels. The value of Ringgit Malaysia keeps falling and could not be arrested. Malaysians were bewildered as they found themselves suddenly impoverished.

The main reason for the falling value of Ringgit Malaysia is speculative attack by currency trader. Dr Mahathir blames on the speculators, which contributes heavily to the country's depreciating currency value thus affecting the overall national economic condition. The currency trader depreciates the currencies, not because they fear the currency they hold would depreciate and they would lose their money, but they see profit in shorting the currencies.

Related Readings: 什么是做空机制?如何才能彻底控制一国的经济命脉?

Dr. Mahathir understands the reason a currency can be attacked is because the currency is based on fiat money system. It is money that a government declares to be a legal tender although it is not backed by any asset.

He mentioned that currency have value because government put a value on it. For example, RM1 didn't have a value of RM1 in term of paper value. It got the value because government prints the value on it. If the government prints RM5 or RM10 on the paper, the value of the paper won’t increase to RM5 or RM10. It is the government recognition and guarantee that makes the paper money got their respective value.

Related Readings: 什么是钱?

The Malaysian currency crisis in 1997-98 delivered a 5 important message.

1. Paper currencies have no real value - they are numbers printed on paper;
2. The global financial system is unstable and unjust;
3. Developing nations have little or no defense against currency speculation,
4. To defend ourselves, we must create our own trading currency of real value,
5. Gold is a safe and stable store of wealth and a globally accepted trade currency.

From: http://www.publicdinar.com/content/view/51/10/lang,english/









Related Readings: The End of An Empire - The Roman Empire collapsed when it began shaving the edges of gold and silver coins and mixing them with cheap base metals such as copper.








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Malaysian Gold Dinar Initiative


Next on Reading List

When education becomes applied knowledge, it is a powerful tactic with measurable results.

In Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education , readers are advised to stop blindly accepting that they are "disadvantaged" people with limited options and challenge the preconception that they will struggle financially all of their lives.
"Required reading" is often misdirected reading. The education you receive in school follows that same pattern. You trust that you are being taught what you need to become successful, to have a meaningful and fruitful life and that promise is not being kept. Learn to convert ordinary income to passive income and have a better life.

In plain language - and providing sufficient historical background - we are shown how First Word countries have used "economic hit men," institutions like the World Bank and IMF, coercion and even outright strong-arm tactics to steal from the developing countries - often in collusion with the elites of those countries who are happy to hide their ill-gotten gain in offshore accounts.
While Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
(more than 300,000 sold) revealed just the tip of the iceberg of the secret world of economic hit men and the web of global corruption, A Game as Old as Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption goes one step further by offering hope and practical advice.
Chinese version: A Game As Old As Empire


Harry Triguboff Challenges Aussie Dream

In 1963, Harry Triguboff decided to challenge the Great Australian Dream of owning a house on a quarter-acre block.

“I looked around and I saw cottages everywhere,” the 77- year-old billionaire said of his decision to start building. “I thought it was time they lived in apartments.”

And the rest, is history ...

In this business, you don’t have to be an architect or an engineer or a brick layer, but you have to understand how the money flows. That you can only understand if you’re on the site.

Stick to what you know best.
Meriton builds low cost home units for first home buyers and low income earners. Nothing else. Harry says that’s what they’re best at and that’s all they’ll do. He points to other property developers who expand in to commercial, industrial and retail property to “sustain growth” and then inevitably get in to trouble and scale back to their “core”. He says you should never leave your core in the first place.

Never be a hostage to the banks.
Back in the 60’s Meriton was caught in the credit crunch and the ANZ Bank threatened to close him down. Ever since he has vowed to never put himself in that position ever again.

Keep a personal hands-on interest in everything you do.
Harry Tiguboff personally visits every one of his developments every week. It’s why his developments are always within an hour’s drive of his office. He only started build apartments in South-East Queensland a couple of years ago after he and his wife bought a penthouse on the Gold Coast where they visit every other week. Developments are still within an hour’s drive of the Penthouse. Harry says his weekly visits give him a real feel for how the developments are progressing rather than just read someone else’s reports in the office.



Libya, Oil and Gold

The pile of lies we are told regarding this unfolding drama by the media is absolutely amazing — and it's all designed to keep you from understanding what’s at the heart of the matter: power and oil money.

Look at what happening around the world right now...

There's chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere, collapse and rioting in Euroland, and wars and rumors of wars as the power junkies jockey for position in almost every corner of the world.

The European Union — once advertised as the ultimate “Garden of Eden” utopian model for the world to follow — is in shambles as one country after another line up for a bailout from Germany, the only country within the EU that has any money...
The rest are bankrupt and don’t like the terms the Germans are offering.
Economic reality has hit. Major changes are in store.
In the Middle East, the chaos threatens the economic lifeblood of the global economy: oil.
Any disruptions to the flow of oil would be catastrophic to the economies of the world.
Higher oil prices are already sending shock waves throughout the system; even higher prices are likely, given all that is happening.

Now these people are beginning to rise up and blame their economic problems on Washington and the Federal Reserve — and rightfully so! These jackals of economic insanity are the root cause of the ruthless manipulation that has been going on for decades.

As history clearly shows without exception, however, the consequences always come to governments and countries that try create something out of nothing...

There is only one certainty regarding paper money — the longer you hold it, the less it will buy in terms of real goods or real money — gold. ~ Richard Russell

When the downside volatility comes, this is your buying opportunity. Take advantage of it. In some cases, the downside volatility may only last a few days.

As meltdown number two comes, make sure you have cash on hand to invest in what will probably be the last great opportunity to buy on the cheap.

In investing, you either learn to be a contrarian or you become a victim...

Don’t believe the government, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street lies that are designed to bankrupt the country and steal your wealth. Their time is at hand, and a new paradigm shift is underway that will help us get back to true liberty and freedom for all.

It is not going to be easy, and there will be dark years ahead.

But for those who are prepared, there is no need to be fearful... Forewarned is forearmed if you prepare. Good Investing.

From: Wealth Daily - http://www.wealthdaily.com/articles/libya-oil-and-gold/3039


Snatch Thieves Caught on Camera

Near PJ Section 16 U-Turn. The thieves could have followed the victim after he/she left the bank, atm machine, etc., or they would just ride slowly around cars at junctions to see if any items are left on the front passenger seat of potential victims.

They normally use a single motorcar “Spark Plug” which is thrown at the window, this breaks the glass almost instantly. To avoid having this happen to you:

1. Do not leave valuable or “valuable looking” items on the passenger seats, front or back, These include handbags, computer bags, ipads, mobile phones, envelopes.
2. If at all possible try to store your valuables under your seat or in the back of the car boot.

Do you part to prevent this type of crime, do not be the next victim. ~ Robert

Would car recording be required so that every motorist could turn into an angel that could reduce accident and road crimes? (just like the 3rd break light, make it compulsory?)











Programming may be a $50 an hour job
Management may be a $500 an hour work
Building a business is a million dollar work!

建立一盘生意,绝对比技术层面需要更多知识与其他无形的资源,要了解的东西可以涵盖分粥制度钱的流通、尽量与成功者交往, 接触关于钱,你不能不懂的基本知识 等等 ...




Reality is what you think is real to you.




There is a major shift. some people will benefit enormously from the shift, some people will suffer but that’s the way history is always work. You always have some people doing better and some people in decline. ~ Jim Roger


注:螃蟹效应 - 钓过螃蟹的人或许都知道,篓子中放了一群螃蟹,不必盖上盖子,螃蟹是爬不出去的,因为只要有一只想往上爬,其它螃蟹便会纷纷攀附在它的身上,结果就是把它拉下来,最后没有一只能够爬出去。




形象的说,部分准备金制度的核心,就是玩 10 个瓶子只有 1 个盖子的游戏,储户的钱就像盖子,银行以盖子为基础放大了 10 倍的信贷就像是瓶子,“只要大家任何时刻只看 1 个瓶子时,盖子总在上面”,游戏就没有穿帮,否则就会出现银行挤兑,严重时就会造成金融危机。

1 个盖子所应对的瓶子越多,玩这个游戏的难度就越大、玩砸得可能性就越高。





尽管人们对美国法院能否制裁摩根大通和汇丰银行这样的金融大鳄不报任何幻想,但这件事让全世界的投资人重新认识了白银的价值。正是因为有了几大银行人为地压低白银价格,才使普通投资者遇到了千载难逢的投资机会,而市场的供求关系将保证白银的买方最终战胜做空的大银行。($1 million)
白银不仅过去是货币,现在仍然具备货币的功能。在美元、欧元、日元和其他纸币风险日益加大的今天,白银具备着明显的对冲整个信用货币体系风险的作用。这也正是 2008 年 9 月 18 日当美元体系出现崩盘的时刻,白银价格一天暴涨 20% 的根本原因。

要挤兑国际白银市场,只要国内投资人将中国每年出口创汇的5000吨白银全部吃掉,动用250亿人民币足矣。250 亿人民币是什么概念呢?就是几支股票基金就能搞定的事。




摘自《货币战争3》 Currency Wars 3


Silver Updates

Silver passes MYR 5,000 per kilogram today.
CPMI Silver price per kg @ 5/4: We sell: MYR 5,033, We buy: MYR 4,278

Jim Rogers said Don't sell your silver through CNBC on 31 March 2011:

Investors Pile Into Physical Silver because of its monetary function and industrial demand.

According to BullionVault.com:
Cell phones used 404.35 tonnes of silver;
Computers consumed 684.29 tonnes;
Thick film PV consumed 1,461.90 tonnes;
Automobiles which used 1,119.75 tonnes;
Electrical and electronics demand for silver reached an all-time high of 7,555.21 tonnes;
Solar power demand in 2011 is expected to reach 2,177.29 tonnes, up 40% from 2010;
RFID tags in 2010 reached between 31 and 62 tonnes with a long way to go before reaching full market;
Water purification used 62 tonnes, and is set to grow to 74.65 tonnes;
Medical applications may grow strongly to reach 93.3 tonnes by 2015;
The use of nano-silver in goods packaging and hygiene combined would consume 124.4 tonnes of silver over the next five years.


Why would people want constantly-eroding dollars in their bank account? When you account for inflation and taxes on the pitiful interest earned, the appeal of precious metals is obvious.



Currency Wars 3


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