4 reasons I do not invest in mutual fund

With a financial education, a person does not need to pay a mutual fund company to lose their money.

4 reasons I do not invest in mutual fund:

1. A mutual fund's financial structure is weighted to the benefit of the mutual fund company, not you, the equity partner.

2. A mutual fund's expenses are too high and not fully disclosed. I put up 100 percent of the money, take 100 percent of the risk, and the mutual fund takes 80 percent of the rewards. That is not a good partner when it comes to finance.

3. When I invest in real estate, I use as much of the bank's money as possible, which means I get more leverage investing in real estate than I do with mutual funds.

4. I can lose money in mutual funds and still be charged capital gain taxes on money I did not make. That is definitely not fair.


Invests for Both Cash Flow and Capital Gains

A person with a financial education invests for both cash flow and capital gains. There are 2 main reasons why:

Reason #1: A currency must flow from an asset that produces cash flow, or it losses value. In other words, if your money is just parked and waiting for appreciation or an increase in the share price, your currency is not productive and not working for you.

Reason #2: Investing for cash flow takes most of the risk out of investing. It's hard to feel like a loser as long as cash is flowing into your pockets - even if your asset price has depreciated. On the other hand, if your asset appreciates, it's an added bonus since you are already collecting cash flow.



国家经济发展的过程中,从一个阶段进入下一个阶段时,会出现诱惑。如果能够抗拒这些诱惑,就可能达成发展,否则就只有短暂的富裕。 ~ 阿根廷学者 Grondona



“一旦关闭了,是大马华社无可估量和不可弥补的损失。在民族与文化的召唤中,我不自量力的走上了办报的不归路。回想 20 年来的蛮劲与傻劲,我不禁为自己当时的勇气捏了一把冷汗。” ~ 张晓卿


4 Quick and Easy Profit-Pulling Ideas

4 Quick and Easy Profit-Pulling Ideas

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Notes * Conspiracy of The Rich

You hold in your hand the power to opt out of the conspiracy of the rich, and to make a rich life for you and your loved ones.

Study the asset class and invest your time BEFORE investing your money. It is your knowledge of each asset class that makes you rich. Your greatest asset is your mind.

True diversification includes investing in all four asset classes, not just different types of one asset class. I focus on only great investments in each asset class.

FOCUS - Follow One Course Until Successful. Study practice, start small, and focus until you have cash flowing into your bank account consistently.

Legal advice that prevents you from getting in trouble with the law is always less expensive than legal advice once you are in trouble.

When you say to a child,"Go to school and get a job," you are sentencing that child to a live in the land of maximum taxes.

The B and I quadrants pay the least in taxes, and sometimes pay zero taxes, even while making millions of dollars. One reason for this is because those in the B-I quadrants produce much of the wealth a nation needs and hence are rewarded for creating jobs and building homes or offices for people and businesses to rent.

The reason most financial planners say,"When you retire your income will go down," is because most people are planning to be poor when they retire.... Interesting...

Taking all the risk of an investment, buying low and hoping to sell high, and then paying the highest percentage in tax is not financially intelligent.

The key to using debt is to know how to borrow wisely and how to pay the money back.

The dumbest reason in the world to buy a stock is because it is going up. ~ Warren Buffet

One reason why financially educated people want to keep their money moving is because if they park their money in one asset class, as many amateur investors do, they may lose their money when cash flows out of that asset class.

The way to find a good partner is to know a bad partner. The problem with life is that you do not know how good or bad a partner is until things get bad.

3 parts to a great deal: 1. Partners 2. Financing 3. Management



8 New Rules of Money

#1: Money is knowledge.

#2: Learn How to Use Debt

#3: Learn to Control Cash Flow

#4: Prepare for Bad Times and You Will Only Know Good Times

#5: The Need for Speed

#6: Learn the Language of Money

#7: Focus more on selling and less on buying.

#8: Since money is becoming worth-less and less, learn to print your own.


An Old Joke

An Old Joke

Two friends were talking in the woods when a bear suddenly jumped out and came at them.

"Do you think we can outrun the bear?" one friend asked.

To which his friend replied, "I don't have to outrun the bear. I only have to outrun you."





Money for Nothing

The way you print your own money is by achieving an infinite return on your money.

The definition I use for an infinite return is "money for nothing". More specifically, I print my own money when I get back all the money I used to acquire an asset, still own the asset, and enjoy the benefits of the cash flow from the asset.

With a strong financial education, I can print my own money via a business, real estate, stocks, and even commodities such as gold, silver, and oil. Again, the key is going for an infinite return, or "money for nothing".


What came first, the cell phone or cash flow?

What came first, the cell phone or cash flow?
(How the cash flow game is played in real life Example I)

The answer, of course, is cash flow.

There would never have been a cell phone without cash flow-no matter how useful one is.

Cash flow is the single driving force behind innovation.

Once investors realized the opportunity cell phones presented for cash flow, money was raised for the development of a global cell phone network.

Without the opportunity to produce cash flow, no one would have been interested in developing the network.

Every time you use your cell phone, cash flows from your wallet to the wallets of the cell phone businesses. They are in the cell phone business, but the name of the game is cash flow.

Today, there are many great products, services, or businesses that could save the world, but without cash flowing from the consumer to the rich, those products or businesses are not funded.

If you are going to launch a new product or start a new business, you must be very aware of cash flow.

If your business only provides enough cash flow for you, chances are that your business will not attract investors or grow.

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The Unfair Advantage

Today, most people are trying to solve the problems of taxes, debt, inflation, and retirement by working harder, getting out of debt, saving money, living below their means, and investing for the long term in the stock market. Life will become more expensive for those who insist on following this line of thinking.

The Unfair Advantage

Today, those who have a strong financial education have an unfair advantage over those who do not.

With a sound financial education, a person can use taxes, debt, inflation and retirement to become rich rather than poor. Conversely, the forces of taxes, debt, inflation, and retirement rule those who do not have a strong financial education.

Inflation is often called the "invisible tax", which is hardest on the poor, the old, savers, low-income workers, and fixed income retirees.

Today, many families are entering into financial bankruptcy due to retirement and medical costs.

Avoid being robbed blind by the coming increases in taxes (direct and indirect), debt, and inflation.

Graph A: Life is about to become more expensive all over the world.

Graph B: An increase in government controls and taxes to cover the increase in debt.

Graph C: Mortgage resets causing more increases in Graphs A and B - that is, if and only if the world economy does not simply collapse under the weight of all this debt, taxes, and toxic money.


Predatory Lending - BEWARE!

Let's say a subprime couple buys a $300,000 house they cannot afford.

To lure the couple in, the bank offers them a $330,000 loan, financing for 110 percent of the home's value, at a ridiculous teaser rate of 2 percent. Sometime later, the loan resets to a higher interest rate of 5 percent, and then still later at 7 percent.

With each reset, the monthly mortgage payment becomes more expensive, and soon the couple defaults, the mortgage is foreclosed, and the couple loses their house. In recent cases, the house has probably fallen in value, as much as 50 percent of the mortgage amount.

So, in this example, the house might now be worth only $150,000, but still have a loan of $330,000.

The bank has to write down the losses of $180,000, causing havoc in the banking sector and major losses for shareholders as more and more foreclosures stack up.





1。把屋里的小挂饰换一遍。花不了几个钱,却能焕然一新,带来一个好心情,还能拉动内需,尽管效果微乎 其微。

2。把家里的家俱来个大挪移,变变布局,既能转移注意力,减轻轻济危机的思想压力,也能出一身臭汗,活 动活动筋骨,锻炼一下身体。

3。学一样乐器,甭管年龄大小,艺术细胞多少。喜欢西洋乐器的可学学鋼琴,提琴,钟情民族音乐的,不妨 练练苗子。二胡。忘情于乐器演奏,沉浸在乐声中,世间烦扰就会退避三舍。

4。陪老爸老妈出去旅游一次。往年都是忙生意,忙出差,忙挣钱,忙应酬,如今多少闲下来了,订单少了, 应酬也少了,那就散散心,饱览大好河山,安享天伦之乐。


6。出一本书,不为出名,不图盈利,就是为了自抒胸臆,自己高兴。可赠师友,可送同事,咱们也当一回[ 山芭]作家。


8。生一个小宝宝,今年是最佳时机,一是得牛年之吉兆,二是工作不太忙,有充裕时间造人。要不然,经济 一回温,忙得脚不沾地,哪有时间生宝宝?



11。全面检查一次身体。往年工作太忙,无暇旁顾,不免会积劳成疾,小病拖成大病。如今小有闲暇,好好 体检一次,看看自己到底有什么毛病,好对症下药,及时治疗,过个健康快乐年。


13。戒掉一种惡习。酗酒,赌博,吸毒,嫖娼,打架斗殴,游手好闲,偷鸡摸狗,都是百害而无一利的恶习 ,趁著今年手头紧,如能幡然醒悟,彻底戒弃,善莫大焉。