Internet VS Mobile

As we embark on lifelong learning process, continuous improvement to our multiple streams of passive income is important.

A Look Into The (iPhone) Apps World shows that there is a promising future for apps market.

Let's take a look on the comparison of both world.

4 Types of Internet Income 3 Types of Apps Income
1. Content Publishing
2. Affiliate Program
3. Resale Rights
4. Own Products
1. Apps Download (apps sales)
2. iAd / AdMob (similar to Adsense)
3. In App Purchase

Internet User Behavior Apps Use Behavior
Check Mail
Surf Net
Watch Movie
Social Networking
Search Info
Forum, Blog, Chat
Buy apps
Buy apps
Buy apps

Content Publishing Apps
~ 0 cost with domain mapping, or simply pay annual hosting fees (for more server related freedom) $99 annual listing fees for selling unlimited apps on iTunes
Content cost (your time for writing or article purchase cost) Apps development cost
High competition (looking at number of websites to date) Still low in competition (at the moment)

The key is: create values, and the market will reward you accordingly.

And who said you cannot have the best from both side of the world? ;)