The world is not fair

The world is not fair and life are not created to be equal. There can never be level playing field as anything that ever exist is just in perception but never in true details. It's artificially hidden in your chosen blind-spots. Just because you refuse to think too much and play within the system that yousubscribed to, it doesn't mean I cannot create another system as a ringleader that you might one day choose to play in. Meritocracy only exists within the system and the real merit is when you question the system and step out of its perceived boundaries.

organised brainwashing of the masses through media.

Interesting that I learned about the Law of Scarcity in Economics and not the Law of Abundance. Law of Scarcity and the scarcity mindset has a tendency to create unhealthy competition, jealousy, wanting to beat others in all areas of life - personal and business. (You know...that "kiasu" mentality). Economic focus should be on the Law of Abundance - collaboration, creativity, having a giving attitude and LOVE & RESPECT. That is when sustainability happens, poverty reduced and the value of money equitable throughout the world. In the meantime, make sure our kids know the importance of values and mindsets that generate hope and creativity, adding value instead of fear. What they learn in books may not relevant to their success in life. Parents be educated. Teachers watch the values you instill in your students. Let us all develop ABUNDANCE mindsets.
it is the socialists that has created and run the capitalism that you and I though we are living in today where choices are dictated by a cartel of ringleaders to keep the world going as we are all under the illusion that we are making conscious choices. The free world is never free after all

"... you do not belong to you. You belong to the universe. The significance of you will forever remain obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your significance if you apply yourself to converting all your experience to the highest advantage of others.” Buckminster Fuller


1、旅行比上课重要; 2、主见比顺从重要; 3、兴趣比成绩重要; 4、良知比对错重要; 5、幸福比完美重要; 6、信仰比崇拜重要; 7、成长比赢输重要; 8、察己比律人重要。