2 Property Investment Related Seminar

In these uncertain times, what should an investor do?
Wait, Buy, Sell, Hold or Refinance?

What will be the impact of the impending General Election? With the new Bank Negara net income rule, will that affecting your property investment? Is the current tightening of banks lending policies that slow you down? Will property prices drop this year?

These are some of the main concerns on property investors’ mind that will be addressed at the Property Investment Convention 2012.

For first-time investor, you will find this conference a great start-off point to get more knowledge about property related topics, for example, which type of property best suit you, how to build a positive portfolio, how to borrow more and pay less and where to find good deals, etc.

As for seasoned or experienced investors, you will get not only the latest updates on the current trends in the property industry but also valuable time to network with other successful investors to share personal success experiences on real estate investment.