Invest in Yourself. If You Don’t Who Will?

Excerpt from Robert Kiyosaki's work:

There’s one thing all successful people have in common: They weren’t afraid to invest in themselves. They invested time and money in their own education and in their own businesses.

They made the effort to communicate with those smarter than themselves in a learning environment.

The rules of money have changed, and we need to change with them - or we're toast.

Just like riding a bicycle, once you get it, you get it, it can never be taken away from you!

Even if you aren't making a lot of money right now, doesn't mean you shouldn't do this. Living in a world of extreme overwork, little pay and no life ... is NOT the way to climb your way to the top.

Even if you are broke, or don't have a job, you can use your brain, your spirit, and your drive to take advantage of this financial crisis. If you friends are negative, find new friends. If I had let my negative thoughts and emotions dictate my life, I would still be helpless,destitute, and lost today.

Be cautious. This crisis is more than a cyclical crisis. This crisis is a restructuring of the world financial systems. Move forward, but move with caution.Who knows what will happen this time. The Fed, Wall Street, and Washington are desperate, and, as you know, desperate people will do desperate things. Things will be very exciting for the next five years. Make 2010 the best year of your life...

Education is the highest leverage. Perhaps it's time to ask yourself this important question: