The Korean Story 华丽的挑战

The Koreans have an intense competitive spirit and this value system has permeated every level of the society. In this regard the Koreans have two targets to beat – first, beat the Japanese and second, the world. Now they are bent on being better than the Japanese in every aspect of life. Whatever the Japanese can do, they want to do better. ~ Former Kuala Lumpur mayor Tan Sri Elyas Omar

In Korea, a leader is fully responsible and accountable for his actions. Performance and responsibility mean nothing less than achieving success while accountability means being answerable for failures. The leaders are never or seldom rewarded for success simply because they are expected to succeed by virtue of their position but punished severely if they fail.

Another aspect of the Korean work ethic is that they don’t expect any reward but they never stop trying to be the best.

Excerpt from : In praise of South Korea
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