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由Magnum万能荣誉赞助,一系列著名品牌赞助的X Top Model Search (XTMS) 2012第二季回来了!在这一场名模大赛中,除了让名模一较高低之外,也设下宽阔的平台让各界的精英如服装设计师,化妆师,时尚摄影师一展才能,发挥无限创意。 除此之外,XTMS 2012也得到了来自马来西亚旅游局,香港旅游发展局,澳门旅游局,马来西亚设计师协会(MODA)以及青年设计师协会(YODA) 的支持。

XTMS 2012 诚意邀请年龄介于18-27岁,身高170cm或以上,美貌与智慧并重的马来西亚女性踊跃报名参加。

Official Contest Site:

The X Top Model Search, an original Malaysian brand, is back for the second season.

This year’s X Top Model Search Malaysia 2012 (XTMS Malaysia 2012) has upped the ante by expanding overseas with Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong (China) participating in the project and bringing in a whole new level of excitement to the international scene.

The top winner and the second best of each participating countries will then compete at X Top Model Search Asia Grand Finale 2012 to be held in Macau in December this year.

"X Top Model is now enjoying international recognition as Malaysia’s premier model search programme,” announced Victoria Vikki Tjong, organising chairperson of X Top Model Search Asia before a packed house at Estate in The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur on June 27, 2012.


(Magnum) X Top Model Search 2012

Homegrown X Top Model Search 2012 goes international

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