Going Green

In a paradigm shift, Singapore has moved from a Garden City to a City in the Garden with a holistic programme to promote eco-tourism:

The six Plants and Planet collection of gardens showcase the biodiversity of plant life on our planet:

1. Secret Life of Trees examines trees and their functions as well as their evolution. It also investigates the role of trees in the rainforest.

2. World of Palms celebrates the rich diversity of tropical palms and their ecological riches. Different shapes of fronds and seeds as well as the versatile use of palms will also be highlighted.

3. Understorey will feature the forest root zone and plant species of the forest floor. It offers information on how plants have adapted to the specific environments such as low light and poor soil condition, etc.

4. Fruits and flowers is about the amazing world of flowers and fruits and their functions.

5. Discovery garden looks at plants evolution throughout the lifespan of the planet and offers visitors a glimpse of the long time it took for the plant diversity to evolve.

6. Web of life focuses on the interrelationship of rainforest flora with fauna, including the keystone species and food chains in the tropical rainforest.